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Chicken Grilled Burger

Are you looking for the perfect Chicken Grilled Burger? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Made with the freshest ingredients and smothered in our very own secret Yum sauce, our juicy burgers will send your tastebuds into overdrive!

Yum Burger Chicken Grilled Burger Features

Fresh Ingredients:

Our Chicken Grilled Burgers are made with only the freshest ingredients, ensuring that you get the best flavour possible.

Secret Yum Sauce:

Our special Yum sauce is the perfect addition to our burgers, adding an extra burst of flavour in every bite.

Healthy Option:

Our Chicken Grilled Burgers are a healthy option for lunch or dinner, with lean chicken and fresh vegetables.

We have more burgers for you!

Our Chicken Grilled Burger isn’t the only thing on the menu!

Mother Clucker:

Along with other tried-and-true staples, this masterpiece includes a flavourful fried chicken breast fillet topped with mayo, lettuce, cheese, and a generous amount of Algerian sauce. If you’re seeking an outstanding eating experience, this burger will satisfy all your taste buds.


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We begin with a fantastic grilled chicken fillet topped with melt-in-your-mouth cheese. Crisp lettuce and juicy tomatoes add a satisfying crunch to each bite! We finish with a healthy dollop of stunning Algerian sauce, providing an entirely new flavour aspect to the burger.

Dirty Sanchez:

One of our menu’s most unique options! It includes Yum fried chicken or a beef patty, crunchy nachos, salsa sauce, oozing cheese, lettuce, onion and tomatoes. This masterpiece will satisfy every burger aficionado out there!

Chicken Grilled Burger

Yum Burger Online Delivery - home of the best Chicken Grilled Burger!

Our goal is to provide our customers in the tastiest food experience. Nothing on our menu will ever fail to ignite your tastebuds. Call us to order your favourite burgers, shakes, and sides today!

Best Cheeseburgers

Are you dreaming of the best cheeseburgers in town? The kind that makes your tastebuds tango? Here at Yum Burger, we have a full range of tasty burgers with options to suit everyone.

Best Cheeseburgers

Why are our burgers so special?

At Yum Burger, the cuisine is always of the highest calibre. We serve the best cheeseburgers and only use fresh ingredients.

All our products are made with love and care so you can enjoy them.

Rest assured, our burgers are always made from high-quality beef, and we take great pride in delivering a gourmet experience at an affordable price.

We also use fresh veggies and toppings, so that we can offer a burger that is not only tasty but also has a level of nutritional quality too.

We provide a range of tasty side dishes that go perfectly with our best cheeseburgers. This includes gigantic onion rings, salted potato wedges, fried chicken breast strips, chicken wings and more.

If sides aren’t your thing, our burgers also pair up perfectly with our range of tasty milkshakes.


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Yum Burger is the go-to spot for the best cheeseburgers

Here at Yum Burger, we believe we have the best cheeseburgers around! Our beef is always of the highest quality, and our buns are soft and tasty, making every burger a truly enjoyable experience. We want every bite to be as delicious as the last!

Our secret Yum sauce is what really sets us apart, offering just the right amount of tanginess to take our burger game to new heights.

We want our burgers to be so moreish that you come back again and again (and again).

So don’t hesitate, if you’re looking for a truly unforgettable cheeseburger experience then Yum Burger is the destination for you. Call us and order your food today!

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