Grilled Chicken Burger vs Beef Burger: A Nutritional Comparison

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Grilled Chicken Burger vs Beef Burger: A Nutritional Comparison

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If you’re choosing between a grilled chicken burger and a beef burger, you’re in the right place.


Since you’ve come this far, we assume your mind is stuck somewhere around, “Will it be a grilled chicken burger or a beef burger?” It’s a question as old as burgers themselves, sparking passionate debates around dinner tables.


It’s the question that dances in the eyes of every Yum Burger customer, filling the quiet spaces between words during phone orders. It’s not an easy choice. But how will you decide what to eat?

What Nutrients Should We Compare?

We’ll compare key nutrients: calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrates. These nutrients play a crucial role in a healthy diet.


Calories provide energy for our bodies, while protein is essential for building and repairing tissues. Fat is a source of energy and helps absorb certain vitamins. Carbohydrates give us energy and support brain function.


By understanding these nutrients, we can choose a balanced and nutritious diet.

Detailed Nutrient Breakdown Of Each Type

  • Calorie Content


Grilled Chicken Burgers: They typically have a lower calorie content than beef burgers, making them a lighter option.

Beef Burgers: Tend to have a higher calorie content due to the higher fat content in beef.


  • Protein Content & Quality


Grilled Chicken Burgers: Chicken is a great source of lean protein, which supports muscle growth and repair.

Beef Burgers: Beef is also a good source of protein, but it may contain more saturated fat, so should be consumed in moderation.


  • Fat Content & Types Of Fat


Grilled Chicken Burgers: Chicken is naturally lower in fat, especially when using lean cuts like chicken breast. It contains less saturated fat.

Beef Burgers: Beef can have a higher fat content, including saturated fats. However, leaner beef cuts or lower-fat ground beef options are available.


  • Carbohydrate Content


Grilled Chicken Burgers: Chicken burgers typically have a lower carbohydrate content, as chicken is naturally low in carbs.

Beef Burgers: Beef burgers may have a slightly higher carbohydrate content due to the presence of fillers or binders used in some beef patty recipes.

Depending on how the burger is prepared, how it is spiced, and whether additional ingredients have been used, the nutritional value may differ. Also, consider the overall balance of the meal by including certain toppings, such as fresh vegetables or whole-grain buns, to enhance the nutritional profile of the burger.

Let Your Health Guide You


We won’t judge if you’re eyeing the most sinful option on our menu (seriously, our Dirty Sanchez Burgers are on another level), but if health is on your mind, listen up.


Pound for pound, our grilled chicken burger (Chickira) is the winner, packing fewer calories and saturated fats than beef. However, hold your horses! The tables turn if you’re eyeing a deep-fried chicken burger, like the infamous Mother Clucker.


Let’s not forget about the burger’s companions. Cheese isn’t exactly a superfood, while some of our creations feature fresh, crispy greens, like lettuce. Gotta keep it balanced, right?


Don’t Leave Your Stomach & Appetite Behind!


Feeling the hunger pangs? If you’re ready to devour everything in sight, a beef burger is your answer. Its higher protein content keeps you full and satisfied for longer.


Try having our Yumbo Jumbo! Indulge in a mega 180g beef patty stacked with a fried egg, two mouthwatering bacon rashers, fried onions, crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, tangy gherkins, and our heavenly Yum sauce – all packed in a 6-inch mega bun.


But our chicken burgers won’t let you down either! If you still feel hungry, fear not! Just grab a side of Strips Republic, some Wings’N Tings, or any of our epic sides. Why not top it all off with one of our delicious shakes?

Let Your Tastebuds Dance


Let’s discuss the next level of indulgence, juiciness, and flavour – the beef burger. Countless recipe experiments led us to the perfect mix that amplifies natural flavours.


If your taste buds crave that extra oomph, beef is the way to go. That doesn’t mean you get to disregard the incredible ingredients in our chicken burgers. They’ve got their appeal, and ignoring them would be a culinary crime.


So, take your pick and savour the deliciousness that awaits you, whether it’s beef or chicken.


Take The Yum Burger Menu Tour To Help You Choose


Ultimately, a grilled chicken burger and a beef burger can be part of a healthy diet. Choosing leaner cuts of meat, watching portion sizes, and incorporating various nutrient-rich ingredients can help you make the best choice based on your dietary needs and preferences.


Here’s a tour of our most delicious burgers to help you understand what your body needs (or wants!)

Beef Burgers To Try

    • We Meat Again: If you need the ultimate juicy beef indulgence, start with our We Meat Again—it won’t disappoint! This medium-sized burger is stuffed to the brim with lettuce, tomatoes, gherkins, cheese, and a 90g beef patty. From the very first bite, the Yum sauce will tingle your tastebuds!
    • Patty X Pattie: Pattie X Pattie is an elongated version of the “We Meat Again” burger, containing twice as much beef! It also has extra cheese and Yum sauce to adequately cover the two patties. Twice the fun!
  • Dirty Sanchez Beef: This one is quite infamous for being a sinful delight to the tastebuds in the most unhealthy way. It’s blessed with a juicy ground beef patty, and to make it crunchy, we top it with crunchy nachos, salsa sauce, cheese, lettuce, onion, and tomatoes. A true taste sensation.
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