The World Of Chicken Burger Meals: Global Flavours & Variations

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Welcome, food enthusiasts and burger lovers – your search for the perfect chicken burger meal ends here!

It’s time to tempt your taste buds as we explore worldwide chicken burgers at Yum Burger. From sizzling spices to unexpected toppings, our delightful chicken burger meals will leave you wanting more.

Chicken Burger Meals: What Varieties Are Available On The Yum Burger Menu?

We are the best in the industry because our chicken burger meals are made with the freshest ingredients.

That’s because our team believes in handpicking only the best burger and shake recipes for our customers. From crispy to grilled, each of our burgers are a flavour explosion that will leave you craving more. So, here’s a list of our sensational recipes for that magical fast food experience.

  • Mother Clucker: Indulge in the crispy perfection of a fried chicken breast fillet paired with creamy mayo, fresh lettuce, and cheese, all covered with tantalising Algerian sauce – a true feast for the senses.


  • Chickira: Savour the flavourful and succulent grilled chicken fillet, perfectly complemented by melted cheese, crunchy lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and a generous drizzle of Algerian sauce. It’s a burst of flavour that will keep you coming back for more.


  • Dirty Sanchez Chicken: Prepare for a flavour-packed experience as our Yum fried chicken breast takes centre stage, armed with crunchy nachos, zesty salsa sauce, crisp lettuce, onion, and tomatoes. It’s a fiesta for your taste buds.


  • Boss Man Chicken: Double the delight with two juicy 70g chicken fillets layered with cheese, crunchy lettuce, onions, and tangy gherkins. To top it off, our heavenly YUM sauce adds the perfect finishing touch.


  • Holy Chuck Chicken: Take your chicken burger experience to the next level with three delectable 70g chicken fillets nestled between a 3-part bun. Cheese, lettuce, onions, gherkins, and our divine Yum sauce make it an unforgettable feast.


  • Peppercorn Pile Up: Get ready for a mouthwatering symphony of flavours. Enjoy two juicy chicken fillets smothered in melted cheese and topped with savoury onions, crisp lettuce, tangy gherkins, and tomatoes, all complimented with a delectable peppercorn sauce.


  • The Chicken Big Smoke: Brace yourself for the ultimate BBQ experience. Melting cheese, crisp lettuce, onions, gherkins, and smoky rashers are all present alongside three chicken fillets in the middle of a triple-layered bun. A generous drizzle of BBQ sauce brings it all together with a healthy dose of smokey flavour.


Juicy, tender and oh-so-satisfying, chicken burger meals are the ultimate hunger-busters. With our generous portions and mouth-watering flavours, these Yum burgers will keep you full and content.

Whether it’s a succulent grilled or crispy fried burger, each bite is an explosion of taste that satisfies your cravings. With the perfect combination of protein, veggies, and a bun that holds it all together, chicken burger meals are the go-to option for a hearty and filling meal to satisfy you.

Here, you can indulge in the sheer satisfaction of a chicken burger meal that fills your cravings and nourishes your body! With our crunchy-outside-but-juicy-inside Yum fried chicken and a range of healthy, fresh veggies, these delightful creations pack a punch. Bursting with lean protein, chicken burgers provide the fuel your body craves, keeping you energised and satisfied.

With the perfect balance of flavours and textures, our Yum meals offer a guilt-free pleasure. Sink your teeth into the goodness of a filling and nutritious chicken burger meal and experience the delight of a truly satisfying dining experience each time you order at Yum Burger.


Don’t forget to try our mouthwatering world of irresistible sides and beverages! Get ready to enhance your dining experience with these delightful offerings:


  • Wings’n Tings: Take a flavourful journey with our tender chicken wings coated in your choice of Smoky BBQ or Red Hot Sauce. Each bite is a burst of tangy and spicy goodness.


  • Strips Republic: Indulge in succulent crispy chicken tenders that will leave you craving more. Their golden, crunchy exterior gives way to juicy, tender chicken inside.


  • Hot Shots: Brace yourself for a fiery sensation as you bite into our battered jalapeño bites, filled with oozy, melted cheese. They’re the perfect combination of heat and gooey goodness.


  • Lord of the Rings: Immerse yourself in a world of crispy perfection with our “Big Size” onion rings. Each bite offers a satisfying crunch and a burst of sweet onion flavour.


  • Halloumi Strips: Treat your taste buds to battered halloumi strips’ fresh and crispy delight. Their cheesy, salty goodness will leave you wanting more.


  • Curly Wurlys: Enjoy a side of curly wurly and perfectly seasoned potatoes that will satisfy your cravings for crispy, savoury goodness. These delectable bites are the ultimate comfort food.


  • Yum Shakes: Cool down and indulge with our delightful shakes in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, bubblegum, and caramel flavours. Each sip is a creamy, dreamy delight.


  • Yum Drinks: Quench your thirst with our refreshing range of drinks, including Cola, Diet Cola, Fruit Punch, Tropical Mist, Blue Mist, Pink Lemonade, Orange Crush, and Orange and Peach Still. There’s a flavour to suit every craving here!

You can find our delicious chicken burger meals in Derby, Walsall, and Nottingham- delivered to your doorstep. Visit our website today to order yourself some chicken goodness!